Implementing Customer Relationship Management as a Core Business Strategy

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Presented to
Adrian Lim
School of Business Management
Nanyang Polytechnic

February 13, 2014
This report provides an analysis and evaluation of the current customer relationship management of Singapore Café Ptd Ltd. The purpose of this report is to enhance the existing customer’s experience at Singapore Café and to increase our presence in the F&B Industry.
Sources of data collection include search engines and websites of the companies.
The report finds that it is important for Singapore Café to focus on our one-to-one marketing management and knowing who our customers are, where they are and what they need. However, in order to
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We use the SWOT analysis to identify strategies and action plans to steer the company towards better marketing in a highly volatile and competitive beverages business industry. In addition, we looked at how the company engages its customers and study how to leverage on current social media to gain better understanding of its customers. We explored on how to tap on the customers’ feedbacks to generate greater business opportunities.

Findings: One-to-One Marketing
One-to-one marketing is a CRM strategy that emphasis on personal interaction with the customers. Organisations collect personal information about their customer such as orders history, contact number, birthdays and stored in a database. According to industry pioneer Martha Rogers of Peppers and Rogers Group states that companies that engage in one-to-one dialogues have higher customer retention, better cross-selling uptake and higher customer-satisfaction., and Costa Coffee have already taken the lead towards one-to-one marketing. These companies have raised the bar on web marketing and selling efforts at a time when many of their competitors are just getting in the one-to-one arena
One example of a company that adopted the one-to-one marketing is Costa Coffee. A company that is part of the Whitbread Plc, a leading hospitality company which franchise all over the
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