Implementing Devolution And Strategic Hrm Essay

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Critical Review

(Bainbridge, 2015), analyses the point of devolution of people management to the line. Further he looks at how rationales and mediators can control how well a devolution process and strategic HR can be implemented into an organisation. Using a qualitative research technique, the author proves that the rationales have a direct impact on the mediators when it comes to the implementation of devolution into an organisation. The article by Bainbridge (2015) doesn’t take into consideration that the HR managers themselves need to have the credibility and respected of the CEO and line managers to be able to effectively implement and maintain the devolution. My critique is that many organisations are not able to implement devolution and strategic HRM because the HR managers themselves do not have the needed credibility in the eyes of the CEO and line managers to make a success of it. Without the credibility HR ends up playing an advisory and administrative role and the CEO and line managers run the strategic aspect.

Thesis statement
Bainbridge (2015), states that in order to successfully implement devolution of people management to the line and thereby make HRM strategic within an organisation, there has to be flowing relationship between devolutional rationales, HR function attributes, line manager focused HR practices and people management effectiveness.
These arguments are reasonable but the key component of credibility of HRM
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