Implementing Educational Applications And Software Into Their Products And Digital Store

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Apple has evolved over the years and has begun implementing educational applications and software into their products and digital store. This was done to provide an efficient and effective way to bring the student and teacher together by use of technology. Apple has thus, created and implemented a program called, iTunes University. This provides a space, via the iPad, where students can converse, learn, develop, and write with the teachers help or under the educator’s supervision. This is an invaluable tool that can be utilized in the classroom to aid in lesson planning and improve learning. While you can use this specific application via a Mac or PC, the benefit is obvious and can be accessed easily via a tablet. The reason this is so…show more content…
The use of iPads and its’ applications will allow children and teens to grow as a student and participate with the entire class. In fact, Huffington Post found that, “Technology has proven to accelerate struggling students close the learning gap between those at the back of the class and the A-students. In fact, 78 percent of Kindergarten through Middle School teachers agree that technology has had a positive impact on their classroom -- and that 's just the start” (Hendricks, 2013). This highlights the fact that students already are and will continue to excel in the classroom by the use of modern technology; i.e. the iPad. Also, companies around the world have updated the their way of doing business actions like budgeting, presentations, purchases, record keeping, etc. by applying modern technology. Allowing students to be exposed to modern technology at an early age will only benefit them in their future career paths. iPads in the classroom has spread across the country like wild fire. “More than 20 Chicago schools will test iPads in the classroom this year, thanks to a mini-grant offered by CPS. Two hundred schools applied for the grants, valued at more than $20,000. Each grant includes 32 iPads, 1 MacBook Pro for syncing purposes, $200 in iTunes credit for applications and a storage cart for the hardware.”(Mulholland, 2010). In addition to CPS, kindergartens in Scottsdale,
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