Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning ( Erp ) Essay

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Introduction Systems integration is concerned and driven by the need to enable various isolated systems or components to be interconnected and act as one interconnected system while still ensuring the subsystems function as required. Businesses such as comp group enlist the expertise of consulting firms in this case Consco to advise the phases of the project. Within this case the Comp Group are looking towards implementing Enterprise resource Planning (ERP) packages with the aim to build strong capabilities, improve performance, undertake better decision making and achieve a competitive advantage(Al‐Mashari and Al‐Mudimigh, 2003). ConsCo focuses on the advantages of adopting SAP R/3 while also outlining the challenges and shortfalls that made the implementation of the project a failure. System Integration is directly impacted by the Project management practices of the organisation. The project initially coined as Comp Operations Re-engineering (CORE) had a wide ra range, the first review of the project reduced the scope leading to CORE2. It was important for ConsCo to document certain information including, turnover, manpower, inventory and cycle time. However the progress of the project and the benefits it provided were not measured. Executive Summary This report emphasises the aspects of the case study that led to failure, the project management issues in the context of systems integration and also provides recommendations as to how the factors that led to
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