Implementing Inclusive Education For Children With Disabilities Essay

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Introduction Studies and educational experiences focusing on inclusive education have shown the importance of school curriculum in promoting and applying inclusive education for children with disabilities. As inclusive education has become more prevalent, the curriculum perspective has gained greater attention among educators and researchers (Avissar, 2012) but there are limitations on the current analysis on inclusive education in general (Ozlem & Savagea, 2012). The underlying process of inclusion is the assumption that the general classroom teacher has certain ability and understating about the needs of contrasting learners, teaching approaches and curriculum procedures. Florian and Rouse (2009) states: ‘The task of initial teacher education is to prepare people to ender a profession which accepts individual and collective responsibility for improving learning and participation of all children’ (p.596). Savolainen (2009) states that teachers plan an essential role in quality education and quotes McKinsey and Company who says: ‘the quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers’ (p.16). Students recommends that the quality of the teacher actually contributes more to learners achievement in education than any other factor, including class size, class composition, or background. The need for ‘high quality’ teachers equipped to meet the needs of all learners becomes evident to provide not only equal opportunities for all, but also education for an
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