Implementing Integrated Electronic Health System

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Implementing an Integrated Electronic Health System A significant, impactful trend on healthcare organizations (HCOs) is the implementation of technology-based information systems (IS). The systems consist of hardware and software used in gathering and processing data that supports the provision of patient care. There are administrative systems, which have been in place for decades and their usefulness are highly recognized. They track services rendered, billing processes used for third party payers and patients, as well as payroll for employees. Administrative systems are essential for the financial component of a business. More recently, the importance of clinical information systems has moved into the spotlight. They are intended to…show more content…
The inpatient units at McLean are using MediTech, an electronic system, for some limited functions. The other levels of care i.e., residential, etc., are not using MediTech, meaning transitions within the McLean system can be quite complicated. Additionally, the MediTech systems do not communicate with the larger health system of which McLean is a part. McLean is part of the Partners HealthCare System (Partners), Massachusetts’s largest employer. Partners HealthCare System includes fourteen hospitals, numerous Community Health Centers and Healthcare Programs, HealthCare International, and several collaborations between Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and others (Partners, n.d.a.). Partners is a little more than three years into a five year strategic plan of implementing an integrated, electronic health information system that will allow data sharing across the entire Partners network. It replaces disparate systems that are not sustainable and cannot support future healthcare goals (Partners eCare, n.d.b). Unofficially called eCare, the electronic system was designed through intense collaboration with Epic Systems. The design process finished one year ago. The first phase of the rollout is to replace the systems that support the revenue cycle, and then the clinical rollout follows (MGH Hotline, 2014). McLean Hospital is
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