Implementing Mandatory Council Meeting Of All Plc Teams

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One thing that is a for certain in education is changes will take place. Education mirrors the world we live in, and that is, change is inevitable. However, this process is not always accepted by the entire staff of a school and may be found burdensome to others. As a teacher leader, when certain changes in the school take place regarding a rule, the entire staff needs to come together to ensure the rule is being implemented and enforced. One such change that is happening at my school is the once a week mandatory meeting of all PLC teams. The decision to implement mandatory PLC meetings did not go over well with all teachers. When a school makes a rule or policy change, there are parts of the organization, such as the political, human resource, and cultural perspective that feel the effect. I am part of a vast school district in Texas. I understand that this rule change about PLC meetings came from school leaders that are higher up in the organizational structure, and moved down the chain of command from the principals to the teachers. Understanding the structure of an organization is critical for the organization to move forward (Laureate Education, Inc., 2007). My district believes and supports the different PLC teams in the school district. At the start of this year, the entire staff was told by the principal that all PLC teams need to meet once a week, and all minutes of the meeting need to be documented and emailed to administration. In my opinion, I thought this was
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