Implementing Organisational Guidelines And Procedures

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Make decisions in accordance with organisational guidelines and procedures The decision is made upon and according to the business plan, business goals and objectives, school vision, mission, values standard and the business motto. All the decisions are compatible with the achievement of the business short term and long term development plans. Ensure decisions taken are consistent with organisational objectives, values and standards The school’s objectives are: to be the top quality provider of vocational education within Australia and on the international standard level. The school’s values are to set its students as the top priorities to provide them with the excellent customer service and quality of teaching. The school’s standards…show more content…
Design and test systems to meet information requirements of decision makers Following are the critical parts for information requirements of decision makers: • Model A model is an abstract description of the decision problem. The model may be quantitative or qualitative. • Criteria The criteria must state how goals or objectives of the decision problem can be achieved. When there is a conflict between different criteria, a choice has to be made through compromise. • Constraints. Constraints are limiting factors which define outer limits and have to be respected while making a decision. For example, limited availability of funds is a constraint with which most decision makers have to live. • Optimization Once the decision problem is fully described in a model, criteria for decision making stipulated and constraints identified, the decision-maker can select the best possible solution. Ensure information is up to date, accurate, relevant and sufficient for the recipient • First establish management information needs and formulate broad systems objectives so as to delineate important decision areas (e.g., general management, financial management or human resources management). Within
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