Implementing Organizational Change Essay

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Implementing Organizational Change October 22, 2012 Implementing Organizational Change Health care organizations that choose to convert to an electronic medical record system (EMR) have several advantages; most important it increases patient safety, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and security. Accepting such a transition also presents with its share of challenges like preparing for the required significant time obligation and resources that will make the transition a successful one. Leadership and management must create an atmosphere that will get the buy-in of all stakeholders. Providing information about the process and what methods will be best to make the conversion to an EMR system is an important aspect of the implementation…show more content…
In the planning phase, priorities established with each team member and identification of roles and responsibilities defined. With monitoring the implementation process this team can provide information vital to the success of the organizational change. This group can establish realistic deadlines consistent with the project’s goals and available resources (Leibel, Currie, Gelowitz, Aldridge & Kuncewicz (2012). This team also can assist the organization in the additional needs that may be necessary for the success of this change. According to Leibel, Currie, Gelowitz, Aldridge, and Kuncewicz (2012), “The team should make every effort to make sure the EMR process model’s the current paper practices. An electronic document that resemble the existing paper documents will require fewer changes for staff” (p. 92). When making the conversion to EMR system, the team of representatives (doctors, nurses, and other leadership staff) including selected frontline staff members who will collaborate by identifying potential improvements to workflow, safety, and quality. Creating time to get feedback from stakeholders on the draft documents will help the potential success of the change process. This gives the designated team members the needed information to make needed changes that will assist in making the system more user-friendly for everyone involved. One of the most important parts of monitoring the implementation
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