Implementing Pharmaceutical Modalities Into My Clinic

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Over the past 10 years, the pharmaceutical formulary for licensed Naturopathic Physicians has absolutely expanded. In many states where Naturopathic Physicians have licensure, they also have the ability to prescribe pharmaceutical drugs to help their patients. While the Physicians may not always choose to go with pharmaceuticals as a treatment choice, they have the option if that is what they and their patients think is best. The state that has experienced the most expansion has been Oregon, but each state has its own formulary which Naturopaths can work from. If I end up working in a licensure state, it will be important to have pharmaceuticals as an option to treat my patients. My main goal as a Naturopathic Physician is to help my patients to the best of my ability. I plan to integrate pharmaceutical modalities into my clinic if it is in a licensure state, and use them for patients who need the help of pharmaceuticals. I will always strive to provide the best care for my patients, and if pharmaceuticals will help them without also causing harm, then I will prescribe them for my patients. The pharmaceutical formulary expansion provides an example of the integration of nature and modern medicine, which is the basis for Naturopathic treatment. Naturopathic treatments use natural methods whenever possible, but sometimes quicker methods are necessary, like those provided by pharmaceuticals. It is important for NDs to have a variety of treatment methods available for treatment

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