Implementing Strategic Management

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What advice would you give to management concerning the best way to implement strategic choices in an organization? According to Chapter 6 of Peter Drucker's The effective executive, understanding the value the organization and the organization's central mission bestows upon customers is a critical consideration when making strategic choices. For example, in the case of Bell Telephone, "our business is service" was the motto of the organization (Drucker 2007: 115). At the time, output was viewed in a product-based fashion. Products could be priced low or differentiated, but Bell came to understand that quality of service and the relationship the organization cultivated with its customers was also vitally important. Bell not only worked with customers it also worked with government regulators in what was then a legalized de facto monopoly over phone service. By winning the trust of government regulators, Bell forged strong relationships with key actors that fostered its long-term security and achieved the objectives of the organization. Strategic choices must be made to suit both long-term and short-term needs. They will inevitably shift and change to some degree, as the macro environment likewise shifts and change. But an organization must have a sense of its principles and what it fundamentally 'does well' to ensure that there is an underlying consistency to meeting its ultimate aims. Bell is once again a case study in this approach, through its establishment of
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