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OUTLINE      The Nature of Strategy Implementation Marketing Issues Finance/Accounting Issues Research and Development (R&D) Issues Management Information Systems (MIS) Issues

OBJECTIVES After studying this paper, you should be able to do the following: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Explain market segmentation and product positioning as strategy-implementation tools. Discuss procedures for determining the worth of a business. Explain why pro forma financial analysis is a central strategy-implementation tool. Explain how to evaluate the attractiveness of debt versus stock as a source of capital to implement strategies. Discuss the nature and role of research
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Market segmentation can be defined as the subdividing of a market into distinct subsets of customers according to needs and buying habits. 2. Market-segmentation is an important variable in strategy implementation for at least three major reasons. a. First, strategies such as market development, product development, market penetration, and diversification require increased sales through new markets and products. b. Second, market segmentation allows a firm to operate with limited resources because mass production, mass distribution, and mass advertising are not required. c. Finally, market-segmentation decisions directly affect marketing mix variables: product, place, promotion, and price,. 3. Geographic and demographic bases for segmenting markets are the most commonly employed. E-Commerce Perspective: Male Versus Female Internet Usage Globally. Males dominate the Internet in every country except the United States. C. Product Positioning 1. After segmenting markets so that the firm can target particular customer groups, the next step is to find out what customers want and expect. This takes analysis and research. 2. Identifying target customers on whom to focus marketing efforts sets the stage for deciding how to meet the needs and wants of particular consumer groups. Product positioning is widely used for this purpose. 4. Positioning entails developing schematic representations that reflect how your products or

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