Implementing Technology in the Mathematics Classroom

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It has been over a decade now since we’ve been hearing from federal agencies, professional organizations and teaching accreditation agencies about the need to integrate technology into school curriculum. Culp, Honey and Mandinach (2005) reported despite several educational reports and other governmental reports of the large investments in instructional technology resources, computers, high speed internet access and other forms of technology within the country’s schools are yet to be effectively integrated into instruction in most our nation’s K-12 classrooms. The true meaning for technology integration means to integrate different forms of technologies and technology-based resources and practices into all aspects of learning and teaching…show more content…
In summarizing these suggestions, most of school computers and even the ones at poor urban districts normally come with Excel. Furthermore, many of teachers if not all have personal computers at home which they can use to learn and practice with Excel spreadsheets. Even if teachers don’t have computers at home, they could also take advantage of computer resources at the public library (Zhao and Frank (2003). Most public libraries are walking distance from general population. These libraries are often open all week some of them even on Sundays where the use of the Internet or spreadsheets can be done easily (Zhao & Frank, 2003). Implementation Specifics 3 It is argued in order to prepare a school for technology integration, the school should represent by a special instance of professional development which has a unique role of curriculum development (Staples, Pugach & Himes, 2005). On the other hand, school officials in conjunction with technology leaders who make the decision regarding how a school will invest in technology would first need a good understanding on how technology use to boost learning of the curriculum and technology use for productivity (Staples, Pugach & Himes, 2005, p. 285). Once the understanding is established, the curriculum developer who anchors technology in the curriculum would need to recognize the need for teachers to have the
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