Implementing The Awareness And Training Program

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Implementing: An IT security awareness and training program should be implemented only after a needs assessment has been conducted, a strategy has been developed, an awareness and training program plan for implementing that strategy has been completed, and awareness and training material has been developed.

The program’s implementation must be fully explained to the organization to achieve support for its implementation and commitment of necessary resources. This explanation includes expectations of agency management and staff support, as well as expected results of the program and benefits to the organization. Funding issues must also be addressed. For example, agency managers must know if the cost to implement the awareness and training program will be totally funded by the Chief Information Officer (CIO) or IT security program budget, or if their budgets will be impacted to cover their share of the expense of implementing the program. It is essential that everyone involved in the implementation of the program understand their roles and responsibilities. In addition, schedules and completion requirements must be communicated.

Once the plan for implementing the awareness and training program has been explained to (and accepted by) agency management, the implementation can begin. A number of ways exist for awareness and training material to be presented and disseminated throughout an organization. Agencies should tailor their implementation to the size, organization, and…
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