Implementing The Millennium Development Goals

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Considering the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) faced major criticism, the pressure lies on the post-2015 development goals to provide a new and efficient set of criteria for global development. The MDGs were perceived as limited and incomplete, and while there is a more extensive list of SGDs, they remain vague. Once gain the goals are high achieving and unattainable within a 15 year span. Although the world has succeeded in significantly reducing poverty, since the creation of the Millennium Development goals, the world remains a highly unequal place on many levels. The global goals seem to be put in place simply as guidelines in that they are announced world-wide to gain uniformity in our development priorities however actually attaining them is not expected. To put things into perspective, the fight to mediate issues such as the right for women to vote, social equality for people of colour and same-sex marriage took decades to accomplish and at that, the cases are not perfect. These are issues that do not require resources such as food or infrastructure to resolve. By contrast, the SDGs comprise a range of issues that require technology, natural resources, money, infrastructure, and more to be resolved. There are many negative critiques on the goals outlining why the global goals are not complete and although I believe they are not attainable within 15 years, I would like to outline what we can do to best focus on the goals. The post 2015…
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