Implementing The Myfloridamarketplace ( Mfmp ) Program, The State Of Florida

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Prior to implementing the MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP) program, the State of Florida did not have an enterprise-wide electronic procurement to payment system. The deployment of MFMP enabled a centralized source for procurement activates, automating the state’s requisition, purchase order, invoicing, and payment approval process, making the procurement cycle more cost effective and time efficient than the formally utilized paper-based system. With a state as large and diverse as Florida, the MFMP team recognized the unique needs of each agency and developed the ability for agencies to customize approval flows while adhering to statewide standards. The key differentiators of the MFMP program are the flexibility provided via customizable agency approval flows, a centrally managed update process, and a streamlined system change request process.
Customized Approval Flows
All 32 State of Florida agencies have standard approval flows that they may customize as needed. (MFMP interagency standard requisition approval flows are discussed in Appendix A). State of Florida agencies have the ability to create and customize their approval flows for either the entire agency or delineate by department or location through the creation of Purchase Unit Identifiers (PUI). PUIs enable agencies to easily establish budgets, track spend, and search for orders. Purchasing Unit Identifiers are added and updated in MFMP through a standardized monthly process managed by the MFMP Customer Support Desk.…

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