Implementing The Network 's Security

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In the future organization need to take a proactive approach to the network 's security. This strategy of safeguarding the network as well as the patient data, such as scanning and social engineering should be mandatory as opposed to best practices. As the case study shows a major breach had a drastic impact on the healthcare organization and efforts should have been made ahead of time to prevent disaster. Organizations should understand security and risk budgeting and learn how to gain support from the board level for the investment needed to protect data. The industry should push the government to include required annual Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) assessments compared to the current HIPAA [7]. HITRUST is an organization developed by healthcare and IT professionals to help healthcare organizations protect patient information better than HIPAA guidelines. If government mandates shifted towards HITRUST standards the healthcare industry as a whole could benefit across the boards and it can focus more on the patient care and less on the fear of an impending data breach. As mentioned in the previous sections these software and techniques won 't 100\% prevent attacks, but they will definitely help prevent and detect attacks beforehand. section{Future of Cybersecurity}
There is a growing realization that cybersecurity requires budgetary commitment, sincere collaboration, and a solid plan. If companies and government can work and contribute money a bright future…
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