Implementing The Right Level Of Control And Support

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Introduction “A distribution channel strategy enables us to sell to customers in geographical areas or market sectors that the direct sales team cannot reach. We can choose from a number of distribution channels, including wholesalers, retailers, distributors and the Internet. Each channel gives us different options for dealing with customers and prospects. However, to ensure that our distributors operate effectively on our behalf, our strategy must incorporate the right level of control and support.” (Linton) Producing a product and making it available to buyers requires building relationships not only with customers but also with key suppliers and resellers in the company’s supply chain.” (pg 304) It is important that we come up with creative ways to try to keep the market balanced “It is essential that different firms in the same business not attempt to compete on exactly the same variables. If they do, competition will invariably degenerate into price—there is nothing else that would differentiate the firms.” (Perner) Channel Members Due to the fact that beats by Dre targets Electronic stores like Best Buy as well as Department Stores like Walmart. We a want to target Athletic and Sporting goods stores like Foot Locker, Academy, Dick’s, and Bass Pro, this will allow us to make our presence known in places athletes shop. We will also like to have a presence in Electronic and Department stores as well, but we ultimately want to target athletes. “The question, then, is

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