Implementing The Sustainable Development Goal On Affordable And Clean Energy

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After reviewing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal on “Affordable and Clean Energy” (United Nations), I have observed that the majority of the targets listed are truly not measurable. By incorporating the words “increase” and “double”, the targets 7.2 and 7.3 appear to be the only two targets which one can use a clear standard unit of comparison. The target 7.1 uses the concept “universal access” as its amount to achieve by 2030. Although, an amount can be given of the number of people who do not have access to any modern energy services, to give a true measurement of those who do have access, that includes the various types of access available to an individual, is too difficult and unlikely. The remaining targets, 7.a and 7.b lack any…show more content…
Using this multi-tier framework “can present an advantage compared to other existing metrics, where relevant data paucity is an issue” (Nerini). The measurements being made for target 7.1 are conducted by calculating the “percentage of [the] population with an electricity connection” and the “percentage of [the] population with primary reliance on non-solid fuels” (“Progress”, 19). The data collected is from internationally standardized questionnaires which are given in national household surveys (19). In regard to the targets 7.2 and 7.3, both objectives use “national energy balances collected in standardized form by the International Energy Agency (IEA) for larger countries and by the UN for smaller countries” for their data source (19). While the target 7.2 is measured by the “percentage of total final consumption of energy from renewable sources”, the target 7.3 uses the “compound annual growth rate of total primary energy supply to gross domestic product […] at purchasing power parity […]” (19). As a whole, the targets fail to include all the important aspects of the goal and need some improvements. For starters, the language used throughout the listed targets is vague. In the target 7.1, the word “access” is used without being defined. Failing to provide an adequate definition leaves the target open to interpretation and misunderstanding. Similarly, in target 7.2
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