Implementing Transition Experiences For Newly Licensed Nurses

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Newly graduated nurses often lack clinical skills needed to transition efficiently and safely from academics to bedside practice. Nurses at the hospital settings are caring for much sicker and more diverse patients with complicated health conditions under complicated healthcare delivery systems that require applications of complex health informatics and technologies. Implementing transition experiences for newly licensed nurses might provide additional clinical experiences that would improve their nursing skills and reduce training time in their first job that would lead to a successful nursing career as beginning nurses. The new Registered Nurse (RN) residency program could be collaboratively implemented with education and practice (Kim, K. H., Lee, A. Y., Eudey, L., Lounsbury, K., & Wede, P., 2015).
The RN Residency program at North Valley Nursing Center is a program that provides RN’s opportunities to learn and apply current, evidence-based practice and nursing knowledge. In a combination of clinical experience and didactic teaching, the program aims both to strengthen the nursing work force by increasing knowledge, skills, and competencies in the specialties of geriatrics and palliative care and to improve the quality of nursing care to older patients and their families (Lee, S. M., Coakley, E. E., Dahlin, C., & Carleton, P. F., 2009). Holtz and Krein used the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT) model to understand nurses ' perceptions of a newly…
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