Essay on Implementing Uniforms In School is The Right Thing To Do

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The argument whether uniforms should be allowed in school has been debated over the last few decades. Implementing a uniform policy within schools would help reduce the rise of violent crimes. In today's high schools, too many innocent youths become fatalities due to gang warfare that has spread into the school system. Many parents feel that if a uniform policy was implemented the spread of gang warfare and the idea children have to have name brand clothing would decrease drastically. However others are worried that this policy would infringe on students First Amendment rights. Yet there are other parents that all worried that the uniforms will cost too much. In the following essay these issues will be addressed. Proponents of…show more content…
Attendance is the highest it's been since 1980. Can the uniform policy take the credit? "Very definitely," Van Der Laan says." Uniform set a message, ' You are in the business of learning." (Speer 1)"In the first year following implementation, overall school crime decreased by 36%; sex offenses, by 74%; physical flight to point students, by 51%; weapons offenses, by 50%; assault and battery offenses, by 34%; school suspensions, by 32%; and vandalism, by 18%." (King 2) "Moreover, greater than 80%of Long Beach Press-Telegram readers support school uniforms." (King 2) According to the statistics, the majority of the population supports the implementation. Parents all over the United States fear that their children might be attacked inadvertently for wearing the wrong color scarf or hat that might provoke rivalry among local gangs. Many parents of children victims of gang warfare would like to see uniforms instituted in all schools. According to Dale Stover, "In gang-ravaged Los Angeles, as well as other communities with gang activity, a dress code also helps maintain peace among rival groups by prohibiting the wearing of clothing associated with local gangs." (2) Opponents of the policy for believe that other factors have to do with the lowering of crime within the school system. Dennis L. Evans believes the following: Where gang members are concerned, the wearing of school uniforms will
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