Essay on Implementing Uniforms in Schools

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Implementing Uniforms in Schools There are many problems facing schools in this modern age. Some of which are violence, children worrying about fitting in with a certain crowd, and the educating of the students. With many students focusing on what to wear to school and not the homework they were assigned the lack of education is becoming apparent. I believe that school uniforms could help stop some of these problems. Peer pressure, financial strain, and fears of not fitting in are just some of the aspects that play into the overall success a child has in school. In a world that touts freedom of expression the real freedom to learn may be found in the conformity of school uniforms. The daily fashion fight starts bright and…show more content…
Eliminating having to buy new clothing every season for growing kids is not only a financial relief, but a huge mental one as well. Not only do parents worry about their kids fitting in, but also so do the youngsters themselves. Every child is not as fortunate to have all the latest styles and brand of clothing, and the less privileged are left to deal with the fact they the don't feel like they belong. By wearing uniforms, you would not be singled out as the girl who is less fortunate or the guy that wears all dark colors. You would get to know people for who they were. Everyone would have an equal chance at making friends. If everyone was wearing the same thing, it may possibly cut down on stealing because they wouldn't be envious clothing and accessories. As one can see equality is a major part of the school system. It can cause many distractions among students. Along with equality comes an easier way to learn. School uniforms would solve many problems and improve the learning process in schools nation wide. If the entire school were dressed alike they would feel like a whole, more like a team, instead of individuals under constant pressure to dress alike. Keith King of the University of Cincinnati who has published research on the effectiveness of dress codes says that
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