Implementing Upgrades And Cost Of Running Current Software Updates

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With the increasing advancement in technology, the complexity of implementing upgrades and cost of running current software updates, it is right to say that operating an in-house technology solution can be cumbersome and time consuming. The result of these problem has slowed down most business operations that are dependent on technology for maximizing profit and reaching its desired goal. The cost of maintaining resources required for establishing a secured environment for business practices are increasing as technology advances; hence, this has potentially strengthened most organization’s arguments in why in-house IT solutions may not be the best solution for running an IT related business, and however, has led to the
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A typical example would be the evolution of ERP function to improve financial reporting and transaction processing. Organizations have accepted this IT solution because it helps strengthen several business processes and provide opportunities for growth. However, implementing ERP solutions are somewhat demanding and time consuming, implementation may take several months before completion. Although outsourcing may pose as a best risk-mitigation approach to business solutions, there are also many challenges associated with outsourcing IT solutions. It is critical that before organizations make decisions on whether to outsource a section of their business, they understand the implications such as risks and benefits before going into contracts. The purpose of this paper is to describe outsourcing as it relates to IT solutions. Following the research questions, a background that discusses outsourcing is presented which addresses reasons for outsourcing IT solutions, benefits involved in outsourcing, risks involved in outsourcing IT projects and best practices of outsourcing ERP solutions. Also, a section of this paper discusses outsourcing as it relates to enterprise resource planning (ERP), this is because ERP is considered a big player in IT solutions provision, which have been adopted and implemented in their various IT infrastructure.
Research Questions
1. What are
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