Implementing a Network Infrastructure for Orange Creek, Inc.'s Banking Software Company

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CAPSTONE FINAL PROJECT CDYV Company.Inc Introduction: Orange Creek, Inc., a Fortune 500 company, has moved into Lexington and is requesting bids for implementing a network infrastructure for their banking software company. The primary function of the new building is to provide office space for software development and testing of their homegrown banking software. Both levels of the building are dedicated to development, test, on­site IT staff, management, and administration. Body: RFP ­ Request for Proposal PROJECT SCOPE ● Goals and Objectives Goals Objectives The main objective of the project is to create and present a bid for designing and implementing a network…show more content…
● 4 PoE switches ­ Price: $14,899.46 Cisco Catalyst 3750X 48­port PoE IP Services Overview ● 48 RIP, SSH, PoE Ports ● Remote Management over CLI RMON 1, RMON 2, RMON 3, RMON 9, SNMP 1, SNMP 2, SNMP 2c, SNMP 3, Telnet ● Warranty: 90 Days The Cisco Catalyst 3750X Layer 3 Switch is an enterprise­class stackable switch. This switch provide high availability, scalability, security, energy efficiency, and ease of operation with innovative features such as Cisco StackPower, optional network modules, redundant power supplies, and Media Access Control Security (MACsec) features. The Cisco Catalyst 3750X Layer 3 Switch with StackWise Plus technology provides scalability, ease of management and investment protection for the evolving business needs. ● 180 VoIP phones ­ Price: $349.00 Cisco Unified IP Phone 8945, Standard Handset, Gray Overview Cisco Unified Communications Solutions enable collaboration so that organizations can quickly adapt to market changes while increasing productivity, improving competitive advantage through speed and innovation, and delivering a rich­media experience across any workspace, securely and with optimal quality. The Cisco Unified IP

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