Implementing an Obesity Prevention Program in School Essay

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In this article Hollar et al. examined the effects of an obesity prevention program in school. This study was a quasi-experimental design that took place over a two year period. It included 5 schools totaling 4588 students. Out of those 5 schools, one was a control school. The intervention strategies that were used included dietary planning, school curriculum and physical activity. Dietary improvements included adding more fruits and vegetable to their diet and by lowering saturated fats and sugary foods. School curriculum improved by teaching students, parents and staff about becoming healthier. The physical activity component improved by increasing the amount of physical activity that the students received during school hours. The …show more content…
Adult SEP was defined as family income, highest level of education obtained, and working class. This study examined what effect SEP in childhood would have on BMI levels as an adult. A total of 2068 adults (African American, Caucasian and Mexican American) from Los Angeles County were involved in this study.

The research suggests that childhood SEP played a big part in BMI results in African American adults. However it did not seem to have the same effect on Mexican Americans. They were mostly affected by adult SEP related to household income. Maternal education levels were the determining factor in Caucasians. The higher level of education that was obtained by the mother resulted in lower BMI levels as an adult. Adult SEP did not show any signs affecting BMI in African Americans or Caucasians.

There were some limitations in this study which included missing data being reported and a vague measure of childhood SEP. The author suggests that future studies revamp the previously mentioned areas. I found it to be very interesting and it could be used as supplemental research on SEP and obesity.

In this article Tyke discussed how obesity levels are increasing in children from Great Britain. This article discussed how other studies have shown fitness levels in children have decreased compared to previous years. Previous research
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