Implications For Refugees And Asylum Seekers Essay

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Brexit Dissonance: implications for refugees and asylum seekers

As Britain opted to leave the European Union and head into a negotiation process with its European counterparts, many issues need to be considered. Mainly the UK government focuses on the economic position, in particular the single market. This issue is closely linked to freedom of movement, so it could be the hardest part of the negotiation on which to achieve common ground. A part of the difficulty are the issues relating to the migration of people who are non-EU citizens, while the focus herein is firmly on the future of those defined as asylum seekers. This category has not been shown any attention by UK policy makers, while it appears this group forms a significant proportion of net migration figures. Plus, it could be argued that the main driver of the crisis that has led the UK public to opt to leave the EU is the influx of migrants, as this issue greatly escalated when the European Union was pushed the UK to accept a percentage of people who fled their homes from persecution, in particular Syrian citizens. Thus, the problem is defined by which asylum seekers are part of the issue that has led the UK to leave the European Union, regardless from who is behind this, whether the radical right-wing or individuals. It is too late to seek the root causes of the problem; it is time for solutions and guiding principles. The neo-liberal economic policies stated that social democracy should be our guiding values
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