Implications Of Fiar Cut Adverts And Laser Cut Polipulations

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Because each insert contained a different amount of fibers, the fiber mass at each time point was converted to a percentage of the original fiber mass. As expected, the data shows a decrease in fiber mass for both scissor cut inserts and laser cut inserts. Overall, the scissor cut inserts had a greater loss than the inserts cut by the laser. Laser cutting had the greatest effected on the adhesion of polystyrene to a polystyrene base. Polystyrene fibers were light and thin and often gets attracted to anything that comes within a centimeter of it. Laser cutting helped contain the fibers on the insert. From the ten second point on, there was significant difference between the fiber mass remaining on the inserts (p ≤ 0.0179). After …show more content…

Our inserts are an integral part of the modular system. Therefore, the fiber coated inserts need to be reliable. It is in our best interest to make sure the fibers, to which the cells are attached, adhere to the insert despite the many transitions from Petri dish to analytical device to further investigation. Laser cutting provides many advantages to cutting inserts. Hundreds of inserts can be cut in minutes. The reproducibility is inimitable; each piece can be exactly the same size. The idea that the laser would also fuse the layer of fibers into place would be a considerable advantage. This data and SEM images support the idea that laser cutting sinters the fibers to the insert. SEM images show polystyrene fibers melted into the polystyrene perimeter. As the laser blasts through the polystyrene base, it plows the malleable polymer in both directions perpendicular to the cut. The result is a raised perimeter around, and a thin connection between, the inserts. The inserts were imaged at an angle to investigate the interface of fibers and raised edge. At a 30° to normal and 300x magnification, the smooth raised border can be seen. The fibers spread underneath, but where the fibers extend on the underside of the border, there are bumps. At the very least, we can say the fibers are tucked underneath the polystyrene border, which would increase the adherence, but further inference would lead us to

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