Implications Of Research On Research

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Implications of research
Authenticity; this is research carried out which aims to include new knowledge and understanding, produce new data or interpret knowledge which was already used in a new form. The researcher is required and must not alter observations made, questionnaires, interviews and focus groups done. The research must be carried out with integrity. However researchers may end up changing data as they may be pressurised or they need to be a deadline. (, 2015).For example, gathering feedback on hospitals in a certain area, the researcher may feel like they do not have time and need to meet a deadline to visit all hospitals, so they end up using outdated information. Another instance may be changing information,
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If the research lacks external validity, findings cannot be applied to contexts, apart from ones carried out in the research (Shuttleworth and Shuttleworth, 2015).
For example, if a research is carried out about men only, such as ‘more men are likely to get coronary heart disease’ and they only ask men for feedback or to attend focus groups and fill in questionnaires; the findings will only apply to men and not to females. However, this would not be valid data as even though women are less likely to suffer from coronary heart disease, there is also a rare chance they could get it too. Another example can be, if a researcher was presenting their findings on underage smoking but they have no evidence to back up. Such as statistics, feedback, surveys and so forth. This would make their validity of the research very weak as there is no support showing their findings or conclusion.
Reliability, which is a further implication of research, and is concerned with the consistency of results. This means if another researcher researched on the same topic; using the same methods, which therefore would produce the same results. It may be less likely to happen as the research may be carried out in a different place, different time and different people, which would lead to very dissimilar results (Shuttleworth and Shuttleworth, 2015)
This can be proven when, for example if a
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