Implications Of Section 504 Of The Rehabilitation Action Of 1973 Essay

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A. Implications of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Action of 1973
1. Major curricular implications of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 are that schools who receive federal funding must be aware of educational options for students who have disabilities that fall under Section 504 definition. Schools are required to annually identify all students with disabilities and provide regular or special education that meets the needs of those students. Schools must also be careful to make sure students with disabilities are educated with nondisabled students as often as possible. Schools have various curricular options in regards to Section 504 when it comes to modifications and accommodations. Most of the accommodations can be made within the regular classroom. For example, accommodations may involve a seating arrangement. I currently have a Section 504 student who is hearing impaired. When I restructure my seating arrangement, I have to place her towards the front of the classroom with her back to the wall in order for her to be able to see me as I teach. Her Section 504 accommodation requires that she not have students behind her because it causes her great discomfort and she is unable to focus. When creating the seating chart, I place her first and then arrange other students accordingly. Students under a Section 504 may also be accommodated with e-readers, testing modifications and leniency in attendance policies. Schools must also allow students an equal
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