Implications Of Septic Arthritis On The Family

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Implications of Septic Arthritis on the Family. Having a child hospitalized causes an increase in the levels of stress and anxiety for any caregiver. It has been found that hospitalization causes parents and siblings of the child to feel a sense of loss of control and confusion (Commodari, 2010). Stress can lead to more serious problems in the individual, and the family as a whole. “Intensive psychosocial intervention in inpatients and outpatients is found to have a positive impact on child and family functioning, therefore reducing stress levels” (Commodari, 2010). Nurses must help these families transition into this new environment by providing interventions, and helping families to identify and utilize resources (Commodari, 2010). Currently, there are no political or legislative implications regarding septic arthritis. There is no current legislative activity surrounding the issue. Patient Safety. Health care professionals, as a whole, must take responsibility for establishing safe methods of care that involve preventing errors and adverse events. These methods should also establish methods of identifying and reporting errors and adverse events when they do occur (“NEW AAP POLICY STATEMENT ON PATIENT SAFETY,” 2011). Although patient safety in hospitals has substantially improved, American Academy of Pediatrics recommends expanding the focus of patient safety to ambulatory care (“NEW AAP POLICY STATEMENT ON PATIENT SAFETY,” 2011). American Academy of Pediatrics

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