Implications Of The Post Apocalyptic Anxieties

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Implications Of The Post-Apocalyptic Anxieties
Naturally, a person who is facing anxiety might may pull away from conditions that have triggered similar feelings in the past. Anxieties are of different types including existential anxiety which results from facing an existential crisis, angst, and nihilistic feelings. Other categories of anxiety are test anxiety, stage fright, stage fright, and somatic anxiety. Stranger anxiety and social anxiety occur when a person is around a strangers (Karam 193). Such anxieties are evident in The Road, and McCarthy illustrates this in a verbose way. Anxieties in the road are both short term and long term. Unlike trivial anxieties in the day to day world, those of a post-apocalyptic situation are long lasting and some never end and require only love and family to heal.
Love As Remedy. The unnamed father in the road takes care of his son with a lot of love. The young boy and his father love and care for each other all the time to cover for the anxiety. The author remarks that the boy hangs on to him all the time in fear of the unknown. The small boy seeks refuge and love from his father. When the father attempts to leave the boy to go and look for firewood, the boy cries and claim that he is afraid to be left alone. This depicts the fear he feels, especially if he is left alone. The young boy keeps clutching on his fathers coat for safety (McCarthy, 2006, p.34). The father carries the boy across the…
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