Implications of Taking Care of a Filipino Patient

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Herrera, Lei Dianne A. Uinversity of the Philippines – Manila College of Nursing Batch 2016 Implications of Taking Care of a Filipino Patient Communication and language play a vital role in establishing good connection between patients and their respective health care providers such as nurses. Mejico (2004) concluded that, “it is in their own mother tongue that a person can truly express his innermost sentiments, ideas, perceptions, and attitudes.” Relating it to class discussions, most Filipino students find it easier to learn and understand if the teacher considers a balanced use of the English language and the native language in explaining the lecture; the same is true for a patient-and-nurse relationship. It will be…show more content…
Having a background of the patients’ cultural orientation is very important as a nurse because interpreting and analyzing behavior is not an easy task if one does not have any idea of the patient’s socio-cultural influences. Behavior is influenced by innate and outside forces thereby making the patients’ observable behavior not enough to conclude right away. One also has to be aware of the innate side. Filipino nurses and Filipino patients as well possess some similarities in their psychological backgrounds which help nurses to relate the patients’ behavior to her experiences. Filipinos in general have similarities in some patterns of behavior referring to, and as explained by the Filipino Psychology. The study of Filipino psychology conducted by Mejico (2004) concludes that Filipino personality is a blend of Western influence in external aspects like aesthetic tastes and preferences, and Asian influence which accounts for the ultimate core of his character. These influences contribute to the positive generalization that Filipinos are caring, loving, compassionate and emphatic in nature. It is the
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