Implicit Egotism

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Implicit egotism is a tendency for people to be attracted to places, things, and other people that are like them. This tendency is caused by unconscious associations between the self and an object, person, or place (Pelham, Carvallo, & Jones, 2005). Previous studies done by Kocan (2009) and Pelham (2003) validate the concept of implicit egotism and rule out any alternate explanation for its effects. A study done by Jones et al. (2002) distinguishes implicit egotism from other similar concepts such as the mere exposure effect.
The previous research suggests that the self-associations caused by implicit egotism are generally positive but it is possible that negative associations exist as well. This is a gap in the previous
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They will often have strong reactions to even minor negative events and have a hard time handling stressful situations. Conversely, someone who is low on neuroticism will rarely experience strong negative states and will be much more stable emotionally. They will generally stay calm and handle stressful situations well. Choosing neuroticism as our second independent variable allows us to fill gaps in the previous research by examining the possibility of implicit egotism caused by negative self-associations and learning more about how personality traits affect implicit egotism.
We expect to find a main effect for implicit egotism leading to favorable evaluations. We do not expect a main effect for neuroticism but we do expect an interaction between neuroticism and implicit egotism. Our hypotheses are as follows, Hypothesis 1: Evaluators who receive resumes with matching initials will respond more favorably on the resume evaluation than evaluators who receive resumes with non-matching initials. Hypothesis 2: Neuroticism will interact with implicit egotism so that evaluators high on neuroticism who receive resumes with matching initials will respond the least favorably compared to all other conditions; Evaluators low on neuroticism who receive resumes with matching initials will respond the most favorably compared to all other conditions. The goal of our research is to fill in the gaps of the
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