Impontative Personaltive : Personal Narrative

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What drove me to make the decision that could have ended my life in a blink of an eye. Was it the fact of just having a great time with a couple of friends, or was it that I felt the urge to keep up with what they were doing? To this day I don’t know what gave me the sense of adrenaline. I just wish I took this moment a tad slower, just so I could’ve thought of what I was doing before i did it. We were a group of eighth graders, blind to the darkened surrounding areas. We didn’t know the difference from right and wrong, for so we are all too young. There was a week left of school, trying to get our heads around of what we were becoming. The ruling high schoolers. It felt so close, but the entire summer was beginning. So close we could nearly graze it. The party was crazy, like a beast trying to get out of a cage. Needing to take a breath from it I stepped outside, and took a few good friends with me as well. The sun was beginning to set when i walked out from the white garage. Colorful sky above full of red, orange, pink. The laughing kids across the street were in the court, playing basketball, blind of what is to come in the coming years. Taking our longboards we rode up a towering hill. The hill felt as if it was trying to intimidate us with its two sides. Being on the top was beautiful, seeing over the houses below us, and watching the orange sunset. What I wanted for these last few weeks were fun, and that's what I did. We've rode one side of this hill millions
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