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General Provisions about Customs Procedures Basic document is ‘Entry’ Entry’ in relation to goods means entry made in Bill of Entry, Shipping Bill or Bill of Export. In case of import by post, label or declaration accompanying goods is ‘entry’ Loading and unloading at specified places only Imported goods can be unloaded only at specified places. Goods can be exported only from specified places. Computerisation of customs procedures Customs procedures are largely computerised. Most of documents have to be e-filed. Amendment to documents Documents submitted to customs can be amended with permission In case of bill of entry, shipping bill or bill of export, it can be amended after clearance only on the basis of documentary evidence which…show more content…
Export duty is paid, if applicable. Certification of documents for export incentives If export is under export incentives, relevant documents are checked and certified. Then proof of export is obtained on ARE-1. Let export order Conveyance can leave only after ‘Let Export’ order is issued.

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