Importance And Importance Of Employee Commitment

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Organizational commitment is the will of an employee to continue employment with an organization, put exert extra effort for the achievement of organizational goals, to be loyal to the employing organization and the level of identification of employee has with organization’s goals (Bateman, 1984). Organizational commitment is the topic which is gaining prominence over the years. Management and business owners are concerned about the organizational commitment of employees (Abdullah, 2012). Commitment of employees towards the organization is gaining wide importance and directly affects the performance of individual employee within the organization (Meyer, 1993). If individuals are committed towards the organization they work better and even outperform their co-workers and help gain an organization a more competitive position and brings more profitability. Mowday,…show more content…
Work motivation is another concept that is essential for all employees in organisations as it drives them towards superior and improved performance. Organizational commitment is a topic of great significance, particularly to the owners and management of the organizations. Work Motivation and Organizational Commitment are directly associated to the organization’s competitive position in the market, its profitability and affects employees’ performance in the organisation therefore they are treated as issues of great importance. Organisational Commitment shows how the employees identify with the organisational goals and are committed to them. In order for organisations to survive and grow in their industry, they must have committed employees who are willing go the extra mile. In this competitive environment, the organisations are able to perform at the highest level only if the employees are committed to the goals and objectives of the
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