Importance And Importance Of Law

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What is law ? Well law is a form of regulation for society, it helps keep people in order and makes your home wherever that may be a safe place to live. Law comes from years of learning and knowing right from wrong, In some cases law has come from blood shed or tragedy. The first real law was actually made by a man named Hammurabi in 1792-1750 B.C
It slowly developed from there and is now the very thing that keeps cities ,Towns, and Countries in order to this day. Now canadian law came about in 1759, after the battle of quebec which resulted in the country falling under the english law, with the exception of quebec which follows civil law. There are “Rules of Law” four to be exact, rule one Accountability, the government must be accountable under the law. Rule two Just Laws, laws must be clear and are applied evenly amongst all persons. They must also protect certain core human rights including security and personal property. Rule three Open Government, laws must be enacted, administered,and enforced in an efficient and fair manner. Rule four, Accessible and impartial dispute resolution. Justice must be delivered timely and independently the representatives must have excellent resources and serve to the community to the best of their ability.
Sometimes you wonder why is law important ? Well it's actually very obvious, It's so there is some sort of regulation so life isn't a kill or be killed situation. It is a guideline for what is socially acceptable and in most cases
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