Importance And Importance Of Operations Management

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As a primary business function, along with marketing and finance, the operations function plays an important and strategic role in achieving a company’s future plans. Since the functions involved in OM are more in relation with the production of goods and services. It typically involves the greatest portion of the firm’s capital assets.

It plays a major role in the quality and most of the time the visible face of the company with which the customer must deal. Customer services, product/service delivery, quality and effectiveness of many interactions with the customer are all categorized as the OM activities.


Operations Management (OM), as a field, deals with the production of goods and services. It provides a detailed layout of the businesses to the operations managers to assist them
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Framework outline is a foreordained game plan of segments. It secures the connections that must exist between inputs, change exercises and yields so as to attain to the framework targets. With the most organized configuration, there will be less arranging and choice making in the operations of the framework. Framework control comprises of all activities important to guarantee that exercises adjust to biased arrangements or objectives.

1.4) The role of operations manager

Operations managers are in charge of overseeing exercises that are essential in the production of goods and services. Their immediate obligations incorporate overseeing both the operations process, grasping outline, arranging, control, execution change, and operations methodology. Their indirect obligations incorporate associating with those managers in other functional ranges inside the association whose parts have an effect on operations. Such areas include: finance, accounting, personnel and engineering.


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