Importance And Importance Of Risk Management

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Table of Contents
Abstract: 3
1.Introduction 5
1.2 Types of risks 5
1.3 Importance of Risk in an Organization 5
1.4 Way to handle the risk 5
1.5 Risk management Phases 5
1.6 Risk Management Steps and Tools 6
2. Risk assessment 6
2.1 Classification systems 6
2.2 Risk classification systems nature 6
3 Risk analysis and evaluation 6
3.1 Analysing the risk 6
2.4 Evaluate the risk 7
2.5 Treat the risk 7
2.6 Monitoring the risk 8
2.7 Communication and reporting 9
References 10
1 Paul Hopkin (2017) FUNDAMENTALS OF RISK MANAGEMENT. 4th EDITION ed. United States : Kogan Page Limited . 10
Conclusion 10

In this coursework I am going to talk about risk management, types of risks that businesses are facing as well as the importance of a risk assessments in organization and different ways to handle the risk. Risk is present and imminent in ever human situation as well as for businesses/organizations. However, I will focus more on Risk Assessment field and going to details. 1.Introduction
Risk management it can be define as an uncertain future event or condition which if it happens affects the mission objective. However, risks can have a positive or negative effect and is absolutely necessary in the business process and all technology driven companies must undergo to protector
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