Importance Of A Good Transport System

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IMPORTANCE OF A GOOD TRANSPORT SYSTEM TO A DEVVELOPING COUNTRY The movement of goods and people in a country is as important as movement of blood and oxygen in human body .While the latter is known as circulation system the former is called 'transport system '. A good transport system plays a very significant role in overall development of a nation 's economy. In developing countries a lot of potential exists to improve the transport sector. A little improvement-qualitatively as well as quantitatively- in transport sector means a huge impulse for overall economy of country. The essay will discuss the importance of good transport system to a developing country and also it explains how a good transport system solves the problem of traffic congestion, reduce the financial costs and environment damages. The transport system has its most visible and significant impact on socio-economic scenario of developing country. The transport sector, comprising the railways, road, water and air transport system is probably one of the largest sectors in the world, in terms of financial turnover, workforce, and resource use.( Transportation sector provides job to millions of people thus strengthening the economy. Expansion of transport system also opens new opportunities of employment not only in the transport sector but also it makes possible for the worker to travel to newer work-places thus opening up new windows of opportunities. A large
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