Importance Of A Healthy Lifestyle Essay

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A healthy lifestyle can be defined as a certain way of living that normally lowers the possibility of an individual falling sick or even dying early. It is not possible to prevent a large proportion of deaths especially those from the heart and lungs but at the same time it is possible to avoid them. A lifestyle that is healthy makes one very fit, strong as well as reduces the risks of certain diseases. A healthy lifestyle is based on the various choices that we normally make in our day to day lives. The foundations to a healthy lifestyle are based on many things but the most crucial all come down to one concept, maintaining a healthy body weight. Eating healthy is one of the ways that can make one die healthy; we find that it is therefore very important to observe what we eat. This is because our body systems depend on the continuous supply of nutrients that we give to our bodies’. The nutrients are mainly from the food we eat and they include vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals and fats. Due to these, we need to take different types of food so that we can ensure that our bodies get all the relevant nutrients. Our diet should contain vegetables, whole grain as well as fruits We find that our society is changing so much especially when it comes to the kinds of food we eat. Most of the people do not know how to prepare various types of food and hence they end up eating processed foods which are not very healthy and not eating a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. This is
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