Importance Of Academic Integrity

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Academic integrity is one of the most essential and punishing concepts ever created by the institution of academia. A University is the physical embodiment of Academia, and the University of Southern Maine is certainly no exception. Unlike High school where the student is simply faced with the learning of set ideas, University is something different altogether. Whereas high school is simply based off learning, Universities are based on two principles: The discovery/learning of already known ideas and the research and development of new ideas. This is where academic integrity comes to save the day, because if someone falsified a new idea or research, then who knows what research is legitimate or what facts to believe. The system of Academic integrity isn’t just made to be a punishment to students who didn’t bother to put the time into their work, its set in place as a protector of knowledge and free information. This fact alone proves why the academic integrity and all of its specifics are a necessary, justified protectors of knowledge and truth within the University System. This policy, despite the implications it would bring me if I were to violate it, is 100% necessary and understandable in my eyes. Earlier on in a student's educational career, getting caught cheating would simply void their “efforts” on the assignment which they cheated on. While this may seem far too easy on the student, the issue lies in the fact that they did so in lower education. Education between
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