Importance Of Acquiring Problem Solving Abilities

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The Importance of Acquiring Problem Solving Abilities Daily activities require thinking and decision making. When an individual wakes up in the morning they are immediately faced with decisions to make. These decisions or self-regulated questions may be as simple as deciding to lay in bed a few extras minutes, getting up and showering, or not getting out of bed at all. Anytime a person is faced with a dilemma, they are using problem solving skills. Society’s demands on people create goal oriented minds, as a result good problem solving skills are essential to leading an effective and successful life (Senay Sen, 2013). According to Senay Sen (2013) in an academic setting, problem solving skills are frequently being accessed when children interact with their peers and teachers as well as when completing daily academic assignments. In order for a student to be successful in a specific subject area, they must understand that content as well as have the ability to use several cognitive problem solving strategies. Students must be able to formulate a goal or problem and determine several methods of reaching that goal by formulating multiple possible solutions. It is evident that these skills will develop as children mature in age and are exposed to more problems. Regardless of the age or ability of any person, everyone is faced with a problem at different times in their lives. Throughout one day there are a number of decisions an individual has to make.
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