Importance Of Admissions In My Life

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Right? Or left? Approaching a fork in the trail, I considered abandoning my running routine. The path on the right would take me back home, but the path on the left was unfamiliar. Only one way to find out where it leads to. Picking up speed, I shifted towards the left. The granite trail transitioned into concrete, and low-rise buildings slowly replaced the surrounding trees. “Workout complete. Time: 23:37,” my running app notified a mile later. Slowing down to a stop, I removed my headphones, and the whooshes of cars speeding by reverberated through my ears. Taking a deep breath, I scanned my surroundings and smiled at where my adventurous decision took me. I was in the heart of downtown Austin. You never know what you will discover…show more content…
Rather, each theory in the social sciences represented a different perspective, which when combined with others, allowed me to obtain a more nuanced understanding of both the world and individuals. My sociology professor once stated, “sociologists give up familiar assumptions to look beyond the superficial.” Applying this statement to my life and wanting to explore my interest in medicine, I participated in a medical missionary trip in Nicaragua. There, not only was I exposed to another culture, but I also saw the relevancy of geography in disease. Thriving in tropical conditions, mosquitos transferred dengue and chikungunya. In rural areas, children drank water contaminated with parasites. To effectively treat these patients, local physicians not only had to recognize symptoms to diagnose, but they also had to advocate improved sanitation to prevent future illness. Accomplishing these tasks required honed interpersonal skills and intimate knowledge of the human body—both of which are applications of either the liberal arts or the natural sciences. Upon realizing physicians’ reliance on these two fields, my commitment towards medicine grew. Returning to Texas, I delved more into medicine by shadowing physicians. Through these experiences, I saw what health truly represents: capabilities. Chemotherapy can give patients more time with their
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