Importance Of Adolf Hitler

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Having the skills to be a leader probably is one of the hardest of skills that people have to learn to run a country. But this is not the same for Adolf Hitler because he had the skills of giving excellent speeches as well as having the right evidence to back up his statements. All of these events happened after World War One so Germany was in a total economic collapse because of the Treaty of Versailles and the people were desperate to be saved from the rules they had to follow. Hitler was a Corporal during World War One, after being promoted because his entire team died because of an explosion, he started telling other people during and after the war that there were no people of the Jewish religion on the battlefront therefore turning…show more content…
The government couldn't stop someone from rising through the ranks until it could effectively freeze them in their place as long as they liked. The people were already against the republic so a man named Hitler took advantage of this and led the charge against the government but after Hitler's control things took a terrible change. After using events to declare martial law and turn Germany into a dictatorship Hitler started taking nearby countries under the guise of reuniting Germany and while it was condemned they did nothing to actually stop it but that changed when the Germans threatened Poland as Poland was a nation guaranteed under Versailles and taking that would be crossing a line that would lead war. Hitler thought that he didn't want to be at war with Russia, and so they agreed to split Poland and to not go to war but Germany didn't even think that Britain and France would be true to their promise he believed that they would merely yell and offer empty threats so when they declared war it took Hitler a little off guard. This led to the beginning of the second world war with Germany invading Poland and France and Britain coming to her aid. Germany had directly caused another world war with their desire to become bigger and get more room to expand and continued to ignore warnings about another world war in order to conquer their neighbors and
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