Importance Of America To Me Essay

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When most people think of America they think of the land of the free and the home of the brave. But have you ever thought about what America means to you? America is home to many different people, places and things. Many of which represent our country in a variety of ways. But when I think of America I think of American spirit, diversity and our individual rights. But there an array of contributions that made America so significant in the hearts of the people who live here. For me American spirit is one reason that sets America apart from other countries. American spirit means having the motive to succeed, compassion for others and taking a sense of pride in the country and all of its accomplishments. America has always been a very open minded society. So people see it as a safe place to share and build businesses and ideas which creates a sense of entrepreneurship. People working their hardest donating their blood, sweat and tears for one common goal, success. Or just random Samaritans that line our streets who are waiting for a chance to spread their compassion for others. And the people who spend their lives fighting for our freedom every day. America is often referred to as “ The Great American Melting Pot”…show more content…
Some of those individual rights include freedom of religion, freedom of speech and press. America also believes that everyone who lives here is entitled” life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” because of this we have legalized marriage for heterosexuals and homosexuals. America has a very unique government that consists of three different branches the legislative, judicial, and executive. We also have a system of checks and balances that assures that no one branch houses all the power. The reason this is so important is because the people who live here believe in leaving their posterity safe and secure in the nation they
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