Importance Of Animal Testing

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Animal testing: Is it necessary? People take medicine, and they wear makeup. Most people own one or two or maybe more pets. Some people love their pets as if they were their own children. Pets are loved and taken care of. They are rescued and adopted. But do people know that they are treated the opposite in a laboratory? It is estimated that every year, 26 million animals are used for scientific and commercial testing in the United States. There are many reasons animals are used for testing. Some examples include: testing to develop treatments for medical reasons, scrutinize the safety level of products used by humans, and more biomedical, commercial, and health care purposes. Testing and research has been in practice since at least 500…show more content…
Soon after that, the anti-vivisection campaign became strong enough and pressured lawmakers to establish the first laws controlling the use of animals for research. It was called the Great Britain Cruelty to Animals Act of 1876 (“Background of the Issues” 1). Medical experimentation is permitted by laws in every country. Great apes and endangered species and other particular animals are protected by some countries from being subjects to experimentations. Very few countries and places set concrete limitations on what researchers may cause animals to suffer. Instead, laws establish standards for the humane treatment and housing of animals in labs. Laws also encourage researches to limit and seek alternatives to the use of animals (Latham 1). Proper care of researched animals is an ongoing priority for the scientific community. Even so, there have been reported mistreatment of animals in laboratory environments. Because of the occurrence of this and pressure from the public as well as animal protection groups, Congress set laws to protect and regulate the care and use of laboratory animals (“Regulation of Animal Research” 1). There are several laws and regulations regarding animal research and animal testing. One example is The Laboratory Animal Welfare Act. It was passed in 1966 by Congress, being one of the first federal laws. It covered things like transportation, sale, and handling of research animals; it provided animal dealers licenses to prevent pet theft and
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