Importance Of Article To Students. Measurement And Evaluation

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Importance of Article to Students Measurement and evaluation is applicable in the field of HRD where it should be utilized in training and development. More and more, executives desire proof that funds devoted to learning programs are successful and M&E makes that possible. Students need to be cognizant of barriers to the utilization of evaluation within the organization. According to Wang and Wang (2005), “the analytical barrier, the business barrier, and the technical barrier” are a reality and can negatively affect the inclusion of measurement in educational programs (p. 22). Students need to know how to overcome these barriers and challenges to evaluations in training. Students need to understand the levels of the evaluation model and…show more content…
To meet the demand, there is a larger presence of HRD in organizations than independent HRD contractors. Furthermore, their quality of expertise is lax in comparison to those in HRD that are considered to be true experts. Thus, in attempts to meet corporate demand for M&E, bias may exist in the training and the training may not be very effective. Out of three barriers, business is the strongest barrier, because HRD evaluations are more focused on the effectiveness of past training programs and less focused on long-term goals. Next, the technical barrier is related to HRD being defined in approximations and not in accurate financial terms. Lastly, the analytical barrier means that not every training program is successful and yields profitable results. Even though evaluations contribute to program improvements, it is unknown how long that takes. It is also unknown what theories can address the analytical barrier. Basically, HRD supports the entire organization in addition to being a self-supporting department within the organization. The authors provide a thorough explanation of how HRD interacts with the organization which depicts levels one through three as a departmental HRD process of input, process, and output and the same used again in relation to the organization. Additionally, a systems approach is used that encompasses inputs, processes, and outputs, in that order. An examination of past training
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