Importance Of Being A Minister Of Christ Essay

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Why does Richard Baxter emphasis the importance of being a minister of Christ?
If there is anything that is to be the characteristic of the reformed pastor it is that his mind and life must bear the image of the servanthood of Christ. Following after Christ’ words, ‘I have come not to be served but to serve others and to give my life as a ransom for many’.This is why in his book, The Reformed Pastor, Baxter is eagerly encouraging those in ministry to know their called identity as under shepherds of the Great Shepherd; and therefore following the model of Jesus Christ earthly ministry as their personal template for shepherding the Lord’s flock.
He does this by first expounding on the meaning behind the title of his work. It is not for those of the reformed or Calvin doctrine, but for all those in ministry to continually be reforming the character of their lives. This does not mean the reforming that is called to take place is solely found in the reshaping of the mind through the doctrines of grace, though important. But it is a wholistic reviving of their life; touching every aspect of it and coating it in the the doctrines of grace; so that, to mirror and live as Christ lived, to be in His likeness. So the reforming of the Pastor is not just for a micro and personal wholistic change but also for the people of God, causing it to become a macro restyling and clothing in the doctrines of God. He is called to do this by modeling the transforming power of the Word of God and
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