Importance Of Biblical Worldview

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Wolters writes in his book, Creation Regained, that a worldview is almost essential to human beings because we cannot live without belief and guidance, which a worldview serves as (Wolters, 76). As Christians, we must have a biblical worldview, and in order to have a biblical worldview, it is critical for Christians to understand and discern structure and direction. Structure and direction are the main biblical themes, which Christians use to reform and renew every sector of their lives. I. Structure Structure is one aspect that defines an individual’s worldview. Wolters defines structure as the essence of a creation that God placed in His creational law (Wolters, 682). It does not change despite human’s perversity. For Christians, it is necessary to discern and understand structure since it is in all aspects of society, and it serves as a standard in all those areas. It acts as an anchor that provides definition and places boundaries and limits. As an example, a structure in government defines what it is supposed to do and places boundaries and limitations for it to run like a government, not like a school or a business. In a way, structure is God’s mercy because not only does it set a limit for creations, but it also sets a limit on the enemy and prevents its dominion and bondage. Structure helps us to think about the questions in this world in a different perspective. It enables us to think in a Godly, scriptural perspective, which will serve as a guideline for us to

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